Speed, predictability and value. No tradeoffs required.

With traditional carriers you can’t get all three. We’ve made premium shipping a one-stop-shop where you can have it all without passing any costs to your customers.

Here’s how we do it

01 Aggregate Demand

By aggregating parcel volume from many shippers in your area, we’re able to lower your shipping costs while getting your product moving down the road to your customer, today!

02 Point to Point Service

AirTerra’s point-to-point network ships long zone parcels directly to major metro markets, cutting time, cost, and unpredictability.

Legacy carrier networks are not optimized for the speed of ecommerce. They rely on decades-old networks optimized for the movement of freight, increasing the likelihood of delays.

03 Choice

We provide a complete end-to-end shipping solution by bringing together many regional parcel carriers and USPS delivery options for your last mile. You make the service choice that fits your needs, and we handle the rest.

04 Additional Capacity and Carrier Diversification

AirTerra levels the ecommerce playing field by offering small and mid-size shippers the same competitive advantages enjoyed by larger shippers including increased economies of scale, year-round longhaul zone skipping, and diversified last mile carrier choices.

AirTerra’s end-to-end solution provides all ecommerce shippers, regardless of size, a better customer experience through faster and more reliable click-to-deliver times while also lowering their cost to serve.

Diversification of services that work for you.


Fast, day-definite cross-country service with full end-to-end traceability – the most effective method to balance speed and cost.


Cross-country service with direct injection into USPS local post offices (DDUs) – ideal for lightweight billing (<1lb).


The fastest cross-country service to large population centers with full end-to-end traceability – the express service for everyone. Coming soon.

When it comes to shipping, weight matters, and we reduce the wait

Let us show you how we can make your customers happier, sooner.